Emotional Intelligence Competencies Goleman

Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill for any leadership function.
The topic is often snubbed as “soft skills”, but a.o. HBR, McKinsey, Korn Ferry research shows that these skills are in hard demand by the corporations for any leadership function.

Several recruitment agencies reported that they are now being instructed to value “soft skills” above “technical skills” for leadership searches.

Certainly for service companies, people are the most important asset and losing important talent in your team can cost you and the company dearly. Sometimes this means you have to say goodbye to those who are undermining your team. And, how do you do that with emotional intelligence?

Do you have concerns about keeping your talented team members on board? Are you working effectively with other functions and businesses in the organization? Would you like to keep growing and learning, so you become eligible for your next promotion? How can you increase your influencing & persuation skills?

Emotional intelligence is not something we get trained on in school.
Our attitude towards these skills often resembles the way we drive our car… we all think we are highly skilled and it’s the others on the road that are the idiots and the maniacs, aren’t they? Hm, how about validating your skills by actually training on this?


Module 1. Leadership & Talent Development
Module 2. Strategy & Vision
Module 3. Communication & Negotiation
Module 4. Relationship Management

Your time engagement: ~ 2 – 3 hours per week

Stop wondering what “emotional intelligence” effectively means, just follow the logic of my toolkit developed especially for corporate leaders. With 20 years corporate experience under my belt, including global corporate leadership functions, I know the drills & will give you the skills.