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Personal Coaching


Executive Coaching


Quit smoking, lose weight, manage pain


Resolve bad memories, an abusive past


you’re in the right place



Learn about EQ in leadership. Develop your own EQ.

Learn about what makes each of your staff members tick.

Learn to tap into a vision that engages your team & embraces their values.

Learn about the systemic strengths & weaknesses in your organisation, its different departments & how to deal with them.

Free EQ training

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Personal Development Workshops

Corporate Workshops

  • systemic team assessment to increase goal effectiveness
  • tailor-made content, or
  • pre-set topics
    • communication
    • no stress
    • emotional intelligence


the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

What if you could steer through life & work with your foot on the gas & nothing to hold you back?

What if you could develop a greater sense of stability & inner purpose to live through life’s challenges with its emotions & grief, feeling calm & quickly regaining your energy?

What if you could avoid life’s annoyances in interactions, gaining freedom & choice in how you respond to other people & what you let in? Have more respectful, meaningful & focused conversations & relationships?


your new skill set:

  • High performance states
  • Your inner values
  • Discharge emotions & bad memories
  • Visualisation & self-hypnosis
  • Self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Coaching your staff
  • Individual & group interventions
  • Influence & communication skills


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transactional analysis

An organised psychological method which lets you gain easy to understand insights into your own & others’ behaviours. Recognising what goes on, means you can fix it.

neuro-linguistic programming

NLP teaches you how to tweak your mental state, your responses & how to influence others’ responses. You’ll learn high performance states.

Systemic work & constellations

Family & business constellations enable you to analyse the connection between your own or your team’s background & the results & impacts you or your team has  & to find new solutions.

hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Visualisations & self-hypnosis are used by athletes & high performers  to easily achieve their goals & fix their weaknesses. Hypnotherapy is the quickest way to change what no longer works for you.


Elif Tepebasi


Afke is an excellent expert on Systemic work and NLP.
She is very generous with the information she has shared, and she has a very rich toolbox.
I enjoyed working with Afke and she has quickly helped me to discover the family patterns, ancestral codes I am carrying and how they show up in my daily life.
With impactful, to the spot meditations, she has helped me to resolve them.
Afke is a very knowledgeable person whose passion is in the wellbeing of others.
I would highly recommend Afke to anyone, who would like to get results.


Afke stood out because of her thorough knowledge of the applicable theory. I always enjoyed to work together with her. She has a sharp and sensible analysis that provided me insights that were very helpful. Besides that, Afke is a warm and sensitive person. She knows how to create a warm atmosphere of trust and respect in which one feels confident enough to come to deeper experiences. Therefore, I can really recommend Afke!

About Afke

Afke portrait

What if you fly?


Afke’s fascination with training people successful behavioral patterns developed during her global leadership positions in her corporate career. Therefore, after 20 years, she decided to re-train in various psychology fields & focus exclusively on effective attitudes, be it to win at work or to live a lovely life.

professional & personal


  • 20 years corporate (lawyer)
  • 15 years (global) leadership
  • 10 years coaching
  • Post-graduate psychology
  • Psychology at work
  • Transactional Analysis 101
  • NLP certified with NLP founder
    John Grinder
  • Family & business systemic constellations
  • Hypnotherapy certified with
    OMNI & NGH
  • Conversational Hypnosis

My skill is to see the best people can be That best is possible
for you, with me


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