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Why work with InterVitalize?

Get more satisfaction from your current job and aspire to more!  Live & lead with heart & soul!  Feel better & more satisfied with the exchange you make. Do you want that interesting, meaningful life? Create it yourself!  Your life is the most important piece of art you will ever create.  InterVitalize helps individuals and organizations to align personal & professional goals to the organization’s targets.

Learn to create contagious innovation and inclusion, having the satisfaction to see you and your team thrive.  Get concrete tools to meet your ambitions, to improve your influencing skills and find your mojo. You will grow personally, as well as in your career, inspiring and inspired, confident and energized.

This is not about work-life balance; this is about feeling you can fly, both at work and at home.

How to bring humanity into the corporation? How to restructure more considerately? How to make feedback acceptable? InterVitalize exists for an audience of leaders who wish to enhance their personal skills and emotional intelligence in dealing with business and staff.

If you would like to explore further through a free-of-charge in-take call, please feel welcome to submit the contact form to discuss your goals personally.


Improve your understanding of the organization’s systemic aspects: it becomes easier to navigate the professional environment, influence its course and get the best possible results.

Develop your EQ, increase your insight into your own responses: you will be able to distinguish which (re)action is most effective when dealing with your colleagues or the organization as a whole.

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InterVitalize organizes 2-day workshops with different themes, for you to pick your choice in accordance with your personal development goals.

Next to obtaining insight in the background theory, you will learn techniques to achieve continuous improvements with a permanent positive impact on the quality of your life.

The workshops are limited to a small number of seats and a balanced team of men and women. Working in small groups allows for individual coaching, with the benefit of “real life” team interaction. Each workshop cycle will be preceded by a individual intake conversation and will be closed with a separate coaching session on your personal goal to ensure you walk away with the toolkit you need.

You will find detailed information on the workshop page.


What if you could touch the organization at the right frequency, to make it sing like a crystal glass? What if you could work with the systemic values of your organization, thereby creating a springboard for change management?

As we know, decisions are made and follow-up is given where there is high emotional involvement.

Learn how to tap into that source of willpower to get your organization to move.

Learn how to envision and effectuate your own future and the future of your team or organization.

Emotional Intelligence

What if you would move through life and work with your foot on the gas and nothing to hold you back? What if you could develop a greater sense of stability and inner purpose to live through change, feeling both relaxed and energized about where you’re going?

When you act in alignment with your inner drive, your energy level will be high and your goals easy to achieve – without procrastination.

Learn how to gain control over your mental state for a more fulfilling life. Deepen your relationships with family, fiends and colleagues.


What if you could find a path to move away from life’s little annoyances in interactions towards more meaningful and focused conversations, gaining freedom and choice in your responses to other people?

Steer around recurring arguments and less than constructive discussions, increase your (self-) control and personal charisma.

Learn techniques like pattern interrupt, compliance sets and non-violent communication, giving your message appeal and determination as a source of inspiration – an agent of change.


The methods used enable you to develop your leadership – be it personal or professional.

The methodology is focused towards learning:
– to develop targeted individual and group interventions;
– to make a professional analysis and diagnosis of individual, group and organizational issues;
– to design development and change strategies, taking into account the existing circumstances in your organization or team;
– to coach individuals around themes like personal effectiveness, communication, collaboration, leadership, presentation and career.

By means of Transactional Analysis you will be able to gain insight into your own behavior. Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches you how to tweak your responses. Systemic Work enables you to experience the cohesion between the two.

TA, NLP and Systemic Work complement each other in a way that creates added value.

Systemic Work & (Family) Constellations

We all are part of systems, we have grown up in our family system, been taught in our school system and now work in an organizational system.

Each participant in a system has its own place. Sometimes the occupied place does not seem to be the right one. If you are living in a dynamic that no longer suits your day-to-day life, this can cause a sense of being unsettled, stuck, a loss of confidence or stress. These entanglements are usually subconscious: you feel them, but cannot rationalize them.

Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and Bert Hellinger have developed methods to gain insight into these subconscious processes. In Systemic Work we use so-called ‘constellations’. A constellation is like a live family picture, a tableau vivant. Through the constellation you get new insights about yourself, your place and the relationships within the system you are investigating.
Systemic work gives the opportunity to expose the entanglements and to move the underlying dynamics of the system. These changes then have their beneficial effect on your communication with others.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the US in the ‘70s. Their starting point was: if something is possible, then we can do it too. They analyzed the (hypnotic) techniques, using science such as linguistics, cybernetics and communication. 

NLP therefore models communication, behaviour and personal development, giving us insight into how someone does what they do. The technique makes our own subconscious thoughts, preconceptions and behavioural patterns conscious. It helps us with affirmative actions to change into more effective patterns of thinking and conduct, improving our performance.
NLP guides us to re-new our subjective representation of our world, broadening our options with new ways of acting and reacting. It is based on the supposition that we all have (sub)conscious resources to achieve our desired goals. Failure does not exist in NLP.

NLP practices are often used to improve a person’s game in highly competitive or public environments, like in sports, public speaking and leadership. Hypnosis greatly helps to achieve better results and improve performance

Transactional Analysis (TA)

TA is a communication theory: it provides knowledge, insight and skills regarding communication between people, for individuals and groups, teams and organizations. TA is also a developmental theory: it provides a clear and insightful framework for observing and understanding the personal development of people and organizations. 

Social transactions are analyzed to determine your ego state: parent-, child-, or adult-like, to understand your communication and behavior. It uses the principle ‘I’m OK, you’re OK’ as the most healthy and optimistic approach to life. Each person has validity, importance, equal respect.

Childhood messages from parents, teachers and others lead to preconceptions, which lead to your actions – some more helpful than others. Today, you may want to change some of these. You decide your story and destiny, therefore your decisions and convictions can be changed. Realize that these features have – or had – a positive value for you in some way.

TA is based on the work of a.o. Eric Berne, Thomas Harris and Erik Erikson.

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