when we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves Victor Frankl

solve what’s bugging you

Find your eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

what do you want less of, or what do you want more of in your life?

Maybe a better relationship with your spouse, your kids, your team or your boss?

Or maybe you want find that special loved one just for you?

Do you want to release trauma, be it abuse or other impactful bad experiences in your life?

Would you like tools to deal with chronic pain or a chronic disease, with depression, anxiety, or burn-out?

Do you want to quit with your unhealthy habit, release the stress from beating yourself up about it, whether it’s over-eating, procrastination or smoking ?

Get your 1:1 personal life coach session, in person or on-line in the privacy of your own home, via Zoom.

tailor-made sessions – just for you

resolve phobias, anxiety or stress
stop emotional eating, retail-therapy, drinking or smoking
release trauma from abuse, harassment, divorce, death of a loved one
get a toolbox to deal with burn-out, depression, chronic diseases or pain

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Simply fix it

with a little help from a friend

Do you feel stuck, or like life passes by without you?

Do you feel overwhelmed, being highly sensitive?

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety or depression?

Would you like to make a positive change in your life & health, be it weight, smoking or sports?

Would you like to release negative emotions & bad memories from abuse, neglect, grief, harassment, old relationships?

Check the neuro-science here


“Thank you so much for our session last week. I put it into practice when I went to a restaurant at the weekend. It feels good to have some ways to make myself feel more comfortable.”

Phobia client

“She felt like her brain had been messed with in a good way as for about 24 hours she felt every time she tried to think about things (overthink) she couldn’t. Can’t explain it but she was pleased she couldn’t overthink.”

Mum of youngster with anxiety

“Today’s session with Afke was my first hypnosis session. She made me feel as if i could trust her and was very good at listening to me and explaining what she does, how and the outcome it can bring. The session went really well and i think that it helped me a lot. Also what i really appreciated is that she gave me tips on how to do self hypnoses in the future. Thank you for everything!”

SME business owner

you cannot heal what you cannot feel

transactional analysis

Remove the legs from underneath the table that upholds your problem.
TA is a structured method which lets you gain quick & comprehensible insights into your own & others’ behaviors. Recognising what goes on, means you can fix it.


neuro-linguistic programming

NLP teaches you how to positively tweak your mental state, your responses & gives you skills to influence others. Fear of public speaking, phobias, emotional triggers & authority issues are easily resolved with NLP.


Systemic work & constellations

Family constellations enable you to understand how your family history or what you learned in childhood influences your life today.  You also learn how this influences your current work experience.  Awareness leads to resolution.

hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

 Hypnosis is the quickest way to change what no longer works for you.  As children often get to feel that we are not good enough, not important or loveable or that our opinion doesn’t matter. We’ll resolve this, allowing you to feel deserving of love.