InterVitalize organizes 2-day workshops with different themes, for you to pick your choice in accordance with your personal development goals.

Next to obtaining insight in the background theory, you will learn to manage the techniques to achieve continuous improvements, with a permanent positive impact on the quality of your life.

The workshops are limited to a small number of seats to allow for individual coaching, so it is recommended to subscribe early for the workshop that suits your choice and location.
Each workshop consists of a balanced team of men and women, ensuring ‘real life’ team interaction. This setup is chosen to enable optimal one-to-one coaching and individual development, while having the benefit of the team exchange and feedback.

Afke will work with you personally on the topic that you identified during an in-take conversation in preparation for the workshop. This topic is one of the key elements for the toolkit with which you will practice during the workshop. A couple of weeks after the workshop, a personal coaching appointment provides for an individual de-brief on your topic.

As part of the program you will be offered to take an individual personality test that will help you understand your personal coping mechanisms and the challenges and benefits that these bring you. You will discover what holds you back and what enables you to release your full potential.

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Organizational Leadership

What if you could touch the organization at the right frequency, to make it sing like you can make a crystal glass sing? What if you could influence the systemic framework of your organization, creating a springboard for change management?

Organisations, teams and families work like systems – there is a balanced status quo, which may not be the balance you want. Insight into the values, beliefs and forces, influencing the interactions, help you create more unity and engagement for the direction you want to see. Resolve your challenges in making things work within a team, or privately within your family.

As we know, decisions are made and follow-up is given where there is high emotional involvement.

Learn how to tap into that source of willpower to get your organization to move. Envision and effectuate your own future and the future of your team or organization.

Emotional Intelligence

Do you aspire to a greater sense of stability and inner purpose to live through change, feeling relaxed and certain about your direction in life?

When you act in alignment with your values and beliefs, your energy level is high and your goals are easy to achieve – without procrastination.

The Emotional Intelligence training provides you with a toolbox to deal with your personal and leadership challenges. You gain techniques to become your best self and achieve your goals. You will understand your barriers and get new skills, decreasing your stress-levels. As you maintain your self-alignment and self-esteem while moving towards your goals, your personal leadership will become self-evident.

Learn how to gain control over your mental state for a more fulfilling life.  Deepen your relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Communication & Influencing

What if you could find a path to move away from life’s little annoyances in interactions towards more meaningful and focused conversations, gaining freedom and choice in your responses to other people?

We sometimes find ourselves in recurring arguments and less than constructive discussions. There are situations in which our self-esteem is being diminished and in which we become agitated.

This workshop aims to increase your hold on conversations and teach you how to set clear boundaries. You learn to influence your own mood and emotions and other people’s states.

Learn techniques like pattern interrupt, compliance setting, metaphors, and non-violent communication. Give your message appeal and determination as a source of inspiration – an agent of change.

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Subscription: please choose your workshop, location and date.
Duration: Each workshop takes two full days.
Where: The location is mentioned for each workshop. You will receive an e-mail with address details once you subscribed.
Fee payment procedure: Please use the Stripe process for payment. You will receive an invoice by email.
Subscription confirmation: Your place in the workshop is registered and secured once the fee is received. Subscription details, including the receipt of your payment will be confirmed by email. Your invoice and the workshop details will follow by email.
Alternatives: If the workshop you signed up for is by coincidence closed for registration, you will be notified immediately. You can be put on the list for the next session at the same location, or we can discuss the possibilities of a workshop in another city.
Cancellations: Workshop participation cancelled > two weeks before the first day of your workshop, will allow for a 90% refund of the paid amount. If you cancel your workshop participation < two weeks before the first day of your workshop, we will not refund. However, we can re-register you for another date at a 10% change fee.
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