Exsertus Project Management

Afke stood out because of her thorough knowledge of the applicable theory. I always enjoyed to work together with her. She has a sharp and sensible analysis that provided me insights that were very helpful. Besides that, Afke is a warm and sensitive person. She knows how to create a warm atmosphere of trust and respect in which one feels confident enough to come to deeper experiences. Therefore, I can really recommend Afke!

Bart Van Poppel
Project Manager at ABN AMRO Bank N.V. – IT Solutions – Transactions – I&R

Testimonial Bacardi

I highly recommend Afke in her new role as a personal and corporate trainer – I often went to her for advice and it was always spot on. She is very easy to work with.
Afke brought a light hearted and friendly atmosphere to the project even under immense pressure at times. She is a dedicated worker and just gets stuff done!

Cheryl Focazio
VP, ERP Transformation & Continuous Improvement at Bacardi

Testimonial Business Owner

Afke is an excellent expert on Systemic work and NLP.
She is very generous with the information she has shared, and she has a very rich toolbox.
I enjoyed working with Afke and she has quickly helped me to discover the family patterns, ancestral codes I am carrying and how they show up in my daily life.
With impactful, to the spot meditations, she has helped me to resolve them.
Afke is a very knowledgeable person whose passion is in the wellbeing of others.
I would highly recommend Afke to anyone, who would like to get results.

Elif Tepebasi

Phoenix & Co Consulting

Testimonial Business Owner

Today’s session with Afke was my first hypnosis session. She made me feel as if i could trust her and was very good at listening to me and explaining what she does, how and the outcome it can bring. The session went really well and i think that it helped me a lot. Also what i really appreciated is that she gave me tips on how to do self hypnoses in the future. Thank you for everything!

SME Business Founder


Testimonial DuPont

Afke has always shown great support towards continous improvement and an open mentality to solutions. I really admire her capacity to express her views in a constructive manner.

Pedro Diaz Galan, CIA, BSCM, MBB, PMP
EMEA Finance Manager at DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Testimonial Anxiety

Thank you so much for our session last week. I put it into practice when I went to a restaurant at the weekend. It feels good to have some ways to make myself feel more comfortable.


Workshop Feedback

Dear Afke,
Thank you very much for the interesting presentation yesterday.
At some point I will start looking for a new challenge.
In my current situation, everything you shared with us yesterday is therefore for very inspiring and helpful.

Thank you very much.

Tax Manager

Testimonial Depression

She felt like her brain had been messed with in a good way as for about 24 hours she felt every time she tried to think about things (overthink) she couldn’t. Can’t explain it but she was pleased she couldn’t overthink.


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