Leadership Coaching

Leadership is a craft: a beautiful, fulfilling job ànd a calling. You would like your people to do their work with heart and soul.

Due to your position in the organization, you act as role model and teacher. Your own enthusiasm and commitment as a leader are indispensable in direct contact and in the system of your organization.

The higher in the hierarchy, the stronger and further reaching the resonance of your influence will be. Who has your back with this responsibility? I can help you gain perspective, confidence and skills with personal mindset and leadership coaching.

To care for a healthy work environment – in which everyone’s development, creativity and autonomy can be realized – is a key aspect of a vital, developing organization. Moreover, observing and recognizing your own patterns in relation to the corporate cultural aspects increases your ability to connect with your employees. And, to contribute constructively to their learning.

Together, we will look at the multiple layers to understand what is happening with you, your staff, within and between teams, in the organization as a whole. Where is the action? What flows and what sticks?

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Testimonials can be found here.

In-house Workshops

Tailor-made in-house transformation workshops are available for teams.

Each workshop will include an intake and preparation session, with the manager or with each team member.  In addition, we will have a de-brief session afterwards to assess and fine-tune the change process. During the workshop you and your team members will work on the targets you set, with theory and practical exercises.

Since your needs will define the schedule and detail of the content for the workshop, it can range from a half a day to a week.
For example, the content of a workshop may cover:

  • the systemic and cultural background of your organization;
  • how to improve the team’s effectiveness to hit targets and network in the organization;
  • your team’s objectives and purpose and those of the person(s) within the team;
  • each member’s personality and its influence on the effectiveness of the team;
  • positive psychology and effective performance through Neuro-Linguistic Programming;
  • leading successful change processes in your organization by gaining systemic know-how.

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Personal Engagement


Is something bugging you that you want less of, or maybe rather, that you would want more of in your life? Maybe a better relationship with your team or your boss? And have you been working on it, but not yet found how to get there?
Want to quit unhealthy habits, learn how to deal with a trauma, stop recurring arguments with your loved one, or find that loved one?

Afke will support you personally in 1:1 coaching sessions, in person or via Zoom or Skype.
Testimonials can be found here.

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Afke’s reputation as a speaker is built on her passion, openness and honesty. She challenges her audiences to look at themselves and encourages a change in mindsets and world views.

Please find here a link to the WINConference women’s day event: https://www.facebook.com/WINConference/videos/1593728240652529/

If you are interested, please feel welcome to submit the contact form for a personal discussion.

Book a Session

Registration: Please choose the number of sessions.
Duration: Each session takes one hour.
Where: The location is at InterVitalize’s office, or alternatively by Zoom. You will receive an e-mail with address details once you registered.
Fee payment procedure: Please use the Stripe process for payment. You will receive an invoice by email.
Registration confirmation: Once the fee is received, your session is secured . Book a session date and time via https://calendly.com/afkevanmansum after you paid. Your invoice and further session details will follow by email.
Alternatives: The session can be done via Zoom or Skype if you cannot come to the office.
Cancellations: Paid sessions will be refunded if you cancel two days before your session. If you cancel less than two days before, please re-register yourself for another date.
Additional information: You are welcome to contact Afke van Mansum at info@InterVitalize.com.

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