Angels of sleep
Angels of sleep

Late at night when really you should sleep, you find your head is spinning with thoughts, and hours slip by.
Or you wake up after your first sleep, 3 am or so & there you go…

There are solutions, easy ones to learn, to stop that worry-train.

You’re welcome to give me a shout for tools to help you let go. Sleep is close if … you …. just … allow… yourself… to … float….

So, I totally broke through my perfectionism! Happy release! This is so powerful…

My perfectionism was very specific: for me it meant that I could not fail, not that I would do everything perfectly.

Well, what does it mean “to fail”?
For everyone, these words mean something different, while the consequences can be fairly similar.
Self-torture, pushy for others, taking too much time for things that are not worth it.
In the end, it can thus bring you the opposite effect of holding you back from being the best you can be.

What is the underlying purpose of your perfectionism?
If you ask yourself that question, it could be something along the lines of: to ensure I succeed.
So then be brutally honest with yourself:

  • How is this busy work I am doing now to dot all the i’s and stroke all the t’s helping me in my long-term vision of success?
  • What do I really need to do to be successful?
  • What are the people I consider successful doing that I am not yet doing?
  • What other ways & examples are there to succeed without messing up myself or the relationship with others?

Or, you ask yourself that question, and the answer is: to ensure I am safe.
Again, be brutally honest with yourself:

  • How do I know this busy work I am doing now to dot all the i’s and stroke all the t’s is really keeping me safe?
  • Let’s stop those films and audios I run in my head when I do not feel safe: they are not real.
  • When is it that I feel safe and what other ways are there to feel safe more often?
  • What are the people I feel safe with doing that I am not yet doing?

If you need more help, come over for training or coaching with me – the New Code NLP games bring powerful shifts, allowing you to let go of unhelpful states and bring you high performance states instead.

If you want train with the NLP guru’s:

New Code NLP Life Coach certification day in Sesimbra end of June 2018, working with co-student Emanuele.
The 8-day Life Coach training by John Grinder and Michael Carroll was life-changing, eye-opening and, honestly, exhausting!
These guys have unbelievable energy: most days we worked for 12 hours.

A lot of practice, demonstrations by our teachers, explanations on the New Code NLP processes.
The practices include high energy games to bring yourself into high performance states. Those states re-wire you brain to get rid of your problem states. The science behind shows that you can get rid of OCD, depression, through the NLP meta-process.
Easy to deal with smaller issues therefore – in the group, we blasted many of them!

Oh yes, I worked on myself as well. And I swam in the 15 degrees Celsius ocean there in order to get my body to release my food allergies. Does that sound weird to you? Well, it is a real “Ericksonian” intervention, one of the greatest and most successful therapists of the past century. Daunting tasks shift your perspective and change your state into a high performance one.
You get a choice: get a kick out of it, or suffer. The “kick” choice is more fun. Those of you doing edgy sports will know this.

For me as an NLP adapt it was a real honor to be 6-step reframed by John Grinder himself. 😉
And speaking about living on the edge: as a 78-year old he still practices rock-climbing, horse-riding, ice-climbing: check out his hands and strong physique on pictures! Definitely a role-model, for us mere mortals.

After an intense week, I thought I was done coaching and left for a couple of days off to Lisbon.

However, early the next morning, upon taking the metro to the old town… I found myself doing a Heimlich on a lady who was choking. One of those moments that seemed to last a life-time, while taking probably only a minute.

She came out shaking all over, and breathing freely.

Life Coach indeed! 😉

PS if you are interested in a.o. NLP Practioner, Life Coach or Master Practioner training, see
I warmly recommend their trainings.